Stacy Blassingame

Stacy Blassingame is P-Licensed Professional Counselor (supervisor) in the State of Missouri.  She holds a Master of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Missouri–St. Louis (UMSL), ranked second in the nation of all counselor education programs. Stacy is also a certified Elementary and Special Education Teacher in the State of Missouri and has worked with children, adolescents, and families with a wide variety of social, emotional, and behavioral issues over the past 15 years.  Stacy is also Change, Inc.’s Managing Director, meaning it’s her job to ensure the smooth flow of intra-company client/staff logistical and administrative matters.

Stacy believes that our feelings and actions are ultimately and primarily influenced by what we’ve been taught to believe — about ourselves, others, relationships, life.  Because our beliefs in this way are often shaped by factors about which we may only be partially aware — things like culture, gender, trauma, past relationships, etc. — Stacy cultivates mutual trust, acceptance, and warmth for clients to discover what’s influencing them and how to chart a course toward the life they want.  Stacy enjoys working with clients who are experiencing partnership/marriage concerns, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed with life, transitioning into new phases of life, or struggling with family-related issues.

From Stacy:

“It’s clear that the world bombards us with ample reason to live in fear, doubt, and negativity.  Yet, we all possess the ability to change, and to make good on the hope toward a rich, full, and confident life.  We can’t erase our pasts, but we can work together in the present to find new ways of thinking and being that produce the lives we want.”

A Favorite Quote from Michelle Obama:

“Hope and change are hard-fought things.”

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