Megan Dooley

Megan Dooley is a PLPC (supervisor) in the State of Missouri.   She holds a Master of Science in Education in Counseling and Mental Health Services from the University of Pennsylvania.  Currently, Megan is obtaining a PhD at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL), ranked second in the nation of all counselor education programs.

Megan’s counseling style is warm and collaborative, focusing the counseling process on empowering individuals to better connect with their feelings and desires. Megan has experience working with issues related to life transitions, spirituality, and systems of power and oppression (including LGBTQ+ related concerns), and she is available to work with adolescents and adults struggling with things like anxiety and depression.  Finally, Megan enjoys working with couples, particularly pre-marital counseling.

From Megan:

I believe that counseling is a way to rest in questions about ourselves, our relationships, and our worlds, as well as a place to discover how to create change. You are the expert on your life, and I can be a guide to the ways in which that expertise has become quieted or dulled. My hope is to help you hear your own voice more clearly and more fully.

A Favorite Quote from Krista Tippett:

“To nurture a resilient human being, or a resilient city, is to build an expectation of adversity, a capacity for inevitable vulnerability… It is akin to meaningful, sustained happiness — not dependent on a state of perfection or permanent satisfaction, not an emotional response to circumstances of the moment, but a way of being that can meet the range of emotions and experiences, light and dark, that add up to a life.”

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