Lauren Thayer

Lauren Thayer is P-Licensed Professional Counselor (supervisor) in the State of Missouri. She holds a Master of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Missouri–St. Louis (UMSL), ranked second in the nation of all counselor education programs. Lauren has previously worked with adults, couples, and families on varying number of presenting concerns from anxiety and addiction to general interpersonal struggles.

Lauren believes the complexities of life and relationships have a direct impact on the way in which we understand and subsequently navigate the world.  With support and non-judgment, she helps clients find and become at home in the parts of their lives and themselves which aren’t consistent with the way they want them to be.  Through the process of discovery and integration, clients find their way toward lasting health and wholeness.  Lauren enjoys working with clients who may struggle with various levels of anxiety, substance abuse or dependence, and general interpersonal, relational, and life struggles.

From Lauren:

“We are imperfect people striving to navigate an imperfect world. When we get stuck in a problem or pattern, those imperfections impact our ability to function both within ourselves and without. Relationships and tasks which seemed comfortable or satisfactory before become more difficult, and when we avoid them, we become further stuck, ultimately running the risk of losing touch with not only important people or things in our lives, but ourselves. I can help you reestablish safety and find your center again.”

A Favorite Quote from Maya Angelou:

“Each one of us has lived through some devastation, some loneliness, some weather superstorm or spiritual superstorm; when we look at each other we must say, I understand. I understand how you feel because I have been there myself. We must support each other and empathize with each other because each of us is more alike than we are unalike.”

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