Holistic Guiding Principles

At Change, Inc. St. Louis Counseling, there’s a reason why we say our experts aren’t just therapists – they’re agents of change!  Since our inception, we’ve been guided by 2 Fundamental Principles that clearly differentiate us as leaders in our field.  (Read about our Mission & Philosophy here.)

1. True healing impacts your entire being – biological, psychological, social, spiritual.  Our work with you will center in our area of expertise (psychological), but if other areas are important to you, our time together may also include suggestions regarding (or elements of) wellness, exercise, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, or spirituality.  If we come to agreement that more help is needed, we’ll even do our best connect you with an expert in those fields.

2.  True healing impacts the world around you.  Our work with you centers on helping you get your life back.  When you do, we suspect those around you will experience some form of healing as well, inspired by you.  And hey — we’re inspired by you too!  To show you how much that’s true, we donate a percentage of your counseling fees to local and national organizations with a valuable mission, rather than spend that money or traditional marketing or advertising.  

501(c)(3) Organizations We Partner With:

Urban Harvest STL grows food for people who need it most in our communities. Their innovative FOOD ACCESS CLUSTER collaboration creates a closed-loop local food system that diverts from traditional means of production and distribution. Through it, the majority of food grown on their urban farms goes to people without access to quality food living in nearby food deserts in St Louis. To learn more about this cluster approach to creating an inclusive and resilient food system click here.

The Magic House is a St. Louis children’s museum in with the mission of engaging children in hands-on learning experiences that encourage experimentation, creativity and the development of problem-solving skills within a place of beauty, wonder, joy and magic.

Empower Nepali Girls exists to empower and support neglected, marginalized, and at-risk girls and young women in Nepal who are at great risk to be forced into early marriage, sold into sex slavery, or abandoned as orphans.  This is accomplished by providing mentoring, career guidance, and subsistence/basic needs, and education for girls who could not otherwise attend school.


Songs for Soldiers supports local veterans who are wounded, disabled, suffering from PTSD, and/or otherwise struggling with the support and resources needed to recover from the literal and figurative scars of combat in practical and important ways, including help with monthly expenses, home improvements, provisions for their family, health care needs, etc.


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