Getting to Know Change, Inc.: Counselor Christina Thaier

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Getting to Know Change, Inc.: Counselor Christina Thaier

At Change, Inc., we strive to create an environment which facilitates non-judgmental, down-to-earth counseling in South City, St. Louis.  Naturally, that would amount to clients having greater emotional access to us, not just as counselors, but as humans, because we believe it is precisely that human connection which ultimately makes or breaks counseling.

In light of that, every so often recently we’ve been asking our therapists, “What do you love about working with people?”  Today, we hear from counselor, Christina Thaier.  (SIDE NOTE: Enjoy the “off-duty” photo!)

“My favorite thing about working with people is getting to hear and be a part of their stories. I’ve loved stories for as long as I can remember. As a child, I loved to hear my parents tell stories about who they were before I was born, or to hear my grandparents tell stories of what my parents were like growing up, or to hear my uncles gather us around the dinner table during the holidays to story-tell until we were all laughing. When I learned to read, I had access to even more stories, and would lose whole afternoons in worlds I would otherwise have never discovered.

We all have stories we tell — funny stories, happy stories, boring, exciting, complicated, sad, and the to-be-continued kind.  Sometimes we tell stories that are limiting.

‘I’m not smart.’

‘I’m not worthy.’

‘People aren’t trust-worthy.’

‘I have to be _____ (beautiful, fit, wealthy, perfect, polished, the best, fake) or I won’t ______ (be accepted, be loved, make it, fit in, get attention).’

Stories have so much potential. They can bring us together and tear us apart. They can connect us or breed disconnection. They can help us make sense of life, of what is possible, of why things are the way they are. They can help us answer the big scary existential questions, like, ‘Why am I here?’ And, ‘What happens when I die?’

I love that I get to experience stories alongside my clients. I get to see the vulnerable, honest, unpolished, unpracticed, sometimes confusing and frightening and devastating, shadows-and-all, truest truth of people. And nothing is more awe-inspiring than that. Together, my clients and I make space for their stories to emerge based on choices we make together.  We try to answer questions like, ‘Is this the story I want to tell? What needs revision? Is that my story or someone else’s?  Does my story of myself match the story others are telling about me? Does this story still hold true? Who do I want the main characters in my life to be? (Yes, you get to choose.)   What do I already know about what I want and need? What new chapters might I begin to imagine?’

Being a therapist means I get to see this storied side of the human experience.  It takes my breath away more days than not. There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing a person change their story, and with it, their life. Like this vantage point? Come see me. I would love to hear your story, too.”

Christina Thaier, MEd, PLPC, is a counselor at Change, Inc., a boutique counseling center in South City, St. Louis, MO.  Contact her for counseling at 314-669-6242, or