Getting to Know Change, Inc.: Counselor Christina Warden

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Getting to Know Change, Inc.: Counselor Christina Warden

As we’ve mentioned previously, counselors are often portrayed in films and on television as distant and aloof, or even cold and sterile — the disapproving old man stroking his bear and saying little more than, “Hmmmmm….” while clients pour their hearts out.  On the other hand, they are also portrayed as bumbling and naive, wanting to be helpful but only loosely oriented to reality themselves, sort of like the counselor version of Barney Fife or Homer Simpson.

Neither of these is accurate.  At Change, Inc., we strive to create an environment which facilitates non-judgmental, down-to-earth counseling in South City, St. Louis.  Naturally, that would amount to clients having greater emotional access to us, not just as counselors, but as humans, because we believe it is precisely that human connection (what academic research has called the “therapeutic alliance“) which ultimately makes or breaks counseling.

In light of that, every so often for the next few weeks, we’ll bring you a further glimpse into the lives of our staff as we ask each of them, “What do you love about working with people?”  Today, we hear from counselor, Christina Warden.  (SIDE NOTE: Also enjoy the “off-duty” photo!)

“I love everything about it!  I sometimes feel like the most fortunate person in the world because I get to sit in a room with one or two people while we work to tell each other the truth about their lives.  We cry, we question, we explore, we laugh, we plan, we accept, we feel.  And ultimately, we find freedom.

I love cultivating a compassionate, curious space that enables both of us – the client(s) and the counselor – to simply be present to their experiences because just that can allow amazing things to take place.

That is to say, I find that healing occurs through right relationship, and thus, rather than being just an environment in which to problem-solve, counseling should offer and develop a healing relationship between myself and my clients, and then between my clients and those in their lives.  Healing relationships in therapy look like a gradual overcoming of the divisions between and within us, so that we can better experience the connectedness to each other and to all of life.  This ultimately makes us more responsive to our own suffering, and therefore, to the suffering of others.

This enterprise is, for me, the most enjoyable and efficient way to respond to injustice in the world — employing the influence my clients afford me to help them reconnect to self, others, and life, and their own power within each domain.  Being human is both agonizing and exquisite, and we need one another in order to get through it.  We survive, learn, heal, and grow together.  I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.”

Christina Warden, MEd, PLPC, is a counselor at Change, Inc., a boutique counseling center in South City, St. Louis, MO.  Contact her for counseling at 314-669-6242, or